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CLEARVIEW Free Form HD Digital Lenses
by Dr.'s Choice

Dr.'s Choice offers a wide variety of next generation premium, high quality digital designs suitable for any user.

CLEARVIEW Classic HD - Basic balanced design. Good optics, standard progressive lens.

CLEARVIEW Premium HD - Enhanced balanced design. Great optics - vertex distance, wrap, pantoscopic tilt and actual measurements of facial geometry used to optimize optics.

CLEARVIEW Scholar HD - Fully compensated, high resolution lens for enhanced reading vision. Variable corridors and personalized to each individual pt. Minimum height of 14mm.

CLEARVIEW Horizon HD - Fully compensated, extra wide distance and visual zones for enhanced distance vision. Variable corridors and personalized to each individual pt. Minimum height of 14mm.

CLEARVIEW Xperia HD - Superb optics. Advanced digital German HD designs to better suit your individual needs. Available in three designs. Xperia SD2 - enhanced reading, Xperia HD2 - enhanced distance, Xperia MD2 - Balanced.


Dr’s. Choice is pleased to announce our full on-site AR facility.

Our AR coatings are all hydrophobic, and oleo-phobic, repelling water, oils, and dust. They are easy to clean and have anti-static and anti-fog properties. These coatings all have a multilayer design and an underlying hard coat making them scratch-resistant. All our AR coatings are now *enhanced* to better acclimate to cold temperatures--making them far less likely to craze in harsh weather.

In addition to our custom coating line-up, we also offer all major coating brands.
All AR coatings offered come with a two year warranty.

Available AR Coatings:

  • Vivid AR - Good
  • Presidia AR - Better
  • Iridio AR - Anti-static - Best
  • Blue Blocker - UV ray and high-energy blue light protection / includes backside Vivid AR
  • Clearview Reflect Mirrors - includes backside Vivid AR and comes in Silver, Gold, Red, Blue and Green

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