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The latest in AR Technology​​​​

Lumina Advance AR
Hydrophobic coating
Prima Advance AR
Super hydrophobic & oleophobic coating
Optima Advance Ar
Super hydrophobic, oleophobic & anti-static coating
Maximum AR New
Supreme design hydrophobic & oleophobic coating. Must be edged at Drs Choice Optical Lab due to extreme glossy surface
Clear View UV Blue AR Blue Blocker
UV ultra-violet & high-energy blue light protection - 455mm
Mirrors Advanced with UV AR
Super sleek, vibrant mirrors

​​​​​​​Announcing - The New Maximum AR

Drs Choice Optical Lab is pleased to announce the arrival of our most extreme anti-reflective coating Maximum. The advanced AR stacking process combined with the layering of a superior top coat allows for a lustrous finish on our Clearview lenses.

Maximum is both a supreme hydro-phobic and oleo-phobic coating repelling water, dust, dirt and any other foreign matter that may risk damaging lenses while leaving the surface sleek and smudge proof.

Due to the extreme glossy surface of the maximum AR, all orders processed with this coating will be edged at Drs Choice Optical Lab with our technologically advanced MEI to ensure optimal quality and precision.