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Reasons to use an Independent Canadian Optical Lab

  • clearview-logoPRIVATE LABEL: Our Clearview Lenses and Clearview AR Coatings cannot be shopped at competitors or purchased online.
  • NET PRICING: No hidden prices, it's better than the discounted pricing your currently receiving.
  • CRAFTMANSHIP: We've been doing this for 20+ years and have handed down the quality techniques to the next generation.
  • PARTNERSHIP : We're not a big corporation so that allows us to be truly invested in our customers, we're not happy unless your happy.
  • ACCURAY: Not only are our lenses within 1/100 diopter but we guarantee the highest standards of quality and expertise.
  • DELIVERY : We set the bar on efficiency and speed.
  • ONLINE ORDERING: We're incorporating technology for ease of ordering, speed and production to reduce redo's.
  • And now fully Customize-able HD corridor lengths

Welcome to Dr.'s Choice Optical Lab

Call us at 1-888-240-7687 today.

DR’S CHOICE OPTICAL LAB is a family owned, independent, Canadian, full service optical laboratory using state of the art technology. We offer a personalized custom service to eye care professionals in central and northern Ontario.

In 2011, DR’S CHOICE OPTICAL LAB implemented a fully digital surface lab producing Clearview digital high definition lenses. Digital HD lenses are the biggest change to PAL (Progressive) technology since 1958.

In 2016 Dr.'s Choice Optical Lab opened up their own state of the art AR coating facility providing custom AR coatings, mirrors and blue blocker.

In 2017 Dr.'s Choice Optical Lab invested in enhancing their edging department and purchased an MEI EZFIT edger from Italy. This latest addition of cutting edge technology will provide their customers with the highest quality of products and services.

Our optical laboratory offers PERSONALIZATION; making the difference in ophthalmic lenses, both single vision and progressives. Our lens are optimized for each patient allowing them to experience the highest quality of vision and superior comfort.

Clearview digital HD gives eye glass wearers the ultimate visual clarity resulting in greater patient satisfaction.

Our Values

Dr. 's Choice Optical Lab is committed to providing customers with optimal service and products through the latest in technological advancements. We strive to provide the best quality products with a one-on-one customer service approach.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve and advance in the optical field. We believe this allows us to consistently produce high quality premium designs with the most precise optics in the industry today.

We are not the "big box store" optical lab, we are the small, local business that knows your name and handles each and every job personally. You are never just an account number at Dr.'s Choice, you are a valued customer.

Recent News and Achievements

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Dr.'s Choice Optical Lab
287 Dundas Street East
Trenton, ON K8V 1M1

P : 1-888-240-7687 F : 1-888-392-1183

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